March 2024 Newsletter

Thank you Learn to Earn Dayton and the Northwest Dayton Partnership for our first grant to increase accessibility of healing practices in Northwest Dayton!
Pictured (left to right): Taylor Johnson (Executive Director, SNB), Don Black (Manager of Place Based Strategies, Learn 2 Earn), Sharon Hawkins (Board of Directors, SNB) 

Daily Practice for March: Prayer
You may already be aware of the many benefits of meditation—from decreasing stress and blood pressure to boosting immunity and positive mood states—but have you ever thought about the benefits of prayer? Some consider prayer a type of meditation, and though it’s a difficult practice to research, some studies indicate the same benefits as meditation can be achieved through prayer. Check out these resources: the Science of Prayer and Doctor Reveals Studies that Prove Prayer Alters your Reality. No matter what your spiritual or religious beliefs are, you can incorporate prayer into your daily life and reap the benefits for yourself and the world around you. Here is a simple prayer that anyone can incorporate: “Dear God/Creator/Spirit of Life, thank you for breath in my body. Thank you for my health. May all be at peace. May we remember our oneness. Help us to remain in love and compassion for ourselves, each other, and the Earth. Amen.” 

Looking Back 
In January and February, we served more than 75 community members through our partnership with the HeArt Dayton—providing healing circles and mindful movement through the Northwest Dayton Partnership grant. We also taught nearly 40 students ages 4-10 at the Greater Dayton School through daily yoga and mindfulness classes. Our goal is to serve 260 Northwest Dayton residents in 2024 through community outreach and strategic partnerships with other community organizations. Sisters Circle at the HeArtMindfulness Class at the Greater Dayton School 

Looking Forward
Is EQ (Emotional Intelligence) more important than IQ? Catch our Executive Director, Taylor Johnson, speaking on the topic at Sinclair’s Mentoring and Re-Engagement Summit for youth mental health on Thursday, March 14th at 1pm.

Upcoming communal wellness offerings
Saturday, March 9th & 23rd — Self-Care Saturday: Mindful Movement & Massage at Gem City Market (12pm)
Wednesday, March 13th— Practitioner Circle at the HeArt (7pm)
Thursday, March 14th — Mindfulness & Accountability Circle at the HeArt (7pm)
Wednesday, March 20th — Sisters Circle at the HeArt (7pm)
Wednesday, March 27th— Virtual Community Circle (7pm)

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